Another update

Hi all…it’s been a while hasn’t it? A big thank you to all of you who follow and read my posts…

A lots happened and I was thinking today…what I really wanna say is…a chanhe on my life means I’m able to devote more time to something that means a lot to me. My Trade Union. I’ve started getting more active and doing things with them. I really hope all of you are in a Union too. There’s Unite community union for the unemployed too. I think it’s like your house or car insurance. You hope you’ll never need to claim but if you do it’s there for you.

I didn’t have a nice time in my last job along with my colleagues .the boss kept bouncing our paycheques and myself and a few of the women were harassed sexually on a daily basis by someone who the boss was well pally with.  When we raised it we were told we’d asked for it and anyway the guy was married and boss didn’t believe us. Well the union fought for me and in the end boss went bust …so please please please join the union. And for the unemployed the union can help fight benefits sanctions ect.

Hope you’re all doing well…I still have my beloved Leo😻❤! Take care thanks for reading x


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